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Each art piece is created by hand:


➢ For the framed art pieces, these are carved from wood, then carefully placed on acrylic. The Ankara fabrics used are sourced from local fabric producing factories, each fabric used all have a design name and all hold meaning. 


➢ For the furnishing, these are all made from wood and some pieces are beaded. This delicate process takes many hours and days to complete.

(Vic Art is in negotiations with a timber firm to arrange how we can replace the trees, we take sustainability very seriously)


➢ For the statuette dolls, these are made from ebony wood (this is a local dark wood) and the dolls are also beaded to give them a shimmering effect.


➢ For the Canvas paintings, these are drawn, created using oil paints, each piece is one-off / bespoke and can be available in print.

Screen Printing
About Our Leather


Vic Art handpicks talented artist to make the commissioned art pieces. All the art pieces are originals, no art piece created is the same, each piece is genuine and one of a kind. The Artists are given a deposit for materials and paid in full when a piece is finished.

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