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Vic Art was established in January 2020 following a family holiday to Ghana, inspired and amazed by the wonderful and unique arts and crafts viewed at the African Cultural Centre, we commissioned some bespoke art work.


Vic Art specialises in African art work ranging from framed art pieces, original canvas bespoke paintings 

(available soon), statuette dolls and home furnishings, all handmade.


Based in the UK, Vic Art is an online supplier, however we currently do not have a physical shop. All our wood craft art pieces are handmade from across Africa.

Vic Art intends to promote creativity and original art pieces for everyone to see and own. Each framed art piece has a story, where people from all cultural backgrounds can appreciate and empathise with; this is not specifically targeted to those of African heritage.


We would love for you to purchase any piece you desire. A percentage % of each piece sold will be used to help children in Ghana with art work and craft materials, so they can also create art. 


At Vic Art, we are passionate about art and it is integral in our ethos to support creativity and talent in our community.


The Creative Director of Vic Art is a British born Ghanaian who currently resides in London.

Following a vacation to Ghana, West Africa, Vic Art was determined to showcase a new style and blend of art which is culturally impactful and commercially effective.


Vic Art is experienced in leading and working with traditional style craftsman and is confident when directing effective collaboration between digital and non-digital experts.


Other areas of interest is in how technology can give art a new age platform, for example virtual galleries and digital stories (watch this space!)


Vic Art believes that great art work will come from bridging the cultural divides that different backgrounds may have and building a culture of collaboration true appreciation of all types of art.



• Marketing: Blaqgold International (@blaqgoldintuk)

• Photography: @blaqshutters

• Designer: @DsgnJunkie

• Event Coordinator: Victorious Empire (@Vickeventz)

• Jonathan the Artist

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